Success Requires Movement

At Vinna Fitness, we believe success requires movement. We provide the expertise, technique and motivation; our clients bring the hard work and dedication. Our goal as a fitness studio is to create an intimate environment for our clients to come and feel inspired to take action on their health. If you want to find success, Vinna’s experienced, certified coaches can help you get there with tailored personal training programs.

Read some of our client success stories below.

Hamstring pain disappeared!

I was suffering from sore hamstrings for a couple of years and nothing seemed to help. Shortly after I started working out at Vinna, that pain disappeared! I really like the variety and purpose of the exercises.

Brent H.

I haven’t had to go to the chiropractor since I started!

Been going to Vinna fitness now for a month and haven’t had to go to the chiropractor since I started! Enjoy the atmosphere and working with Lani and Cole!

Michelle R.

I can enjoy time with children and grandchildren!

I have been a Vinna client since 2007 and am now approaching my 80th birthday. Their approach is private and tailored to my desire to stay in shape so I can enjoy time with children and grandchildren plus continue to be active in golf, hunting and around our farm.

David C.

I built up my strength, endurance, flexibility and range of motion!

My wife and I started going to Vinna Fitness just over 3 years ago. Since then, we both have made it an integral part of our physical fitness routine.

Joining Vinna Fitness has greatly improved my health. Not only have I built up my strength and endurance, but I have improved my flexibility and range of motion. I feel better! At Vinna, much concentration is given to doing the exercises and movements correctly so that you help your body not hurt it. The staff is super knowledgeable and semi-private workout sessions are customized to the individual client. Classes are offered throughout the week that supplement and reinforce the individual programs and they are a ton of fun. The other folks that exercise there are a pleasure!

It is important to note that the place is as clean as a whistle.

Dan F.

My body has never felt better!

If you’re looking for well-designed workouts with a personal touch, this is the place to go. As an aging athlete still competing at the top of my game is important to me, and thanks to the Functional Movement System approach, my body has never felt better and I am able to skate ski just as fast and far as I could 10 years ago.
I highly recommend this gym!

David C.

Vinna Fitness is like no other gym!

Vinna Fitness is like no other gym I have ever belonged to. Their attention to the details on personal exercise plans is extraordinary. Guiding you with posture to be sure you are getting the most out of your workout and caring about each member beyond the direct exercise they are there to provide. Kudos Team Vinna!!

Hillary F.

I’ve seen so much improvement!

Vinna is the best gym/fitness/health experience I’ve ever had. I came to Vinna almost two years ago with some hip problems, balance issues, and an overall desire to get stronger. I’ve seen so much improvement! Hips are great, balance is getting better, and I can lift heavier than ever before. The trainers personalize EVERYTHING and really cater to your specific needs and goals. I feel completely cared for and looked after, while being challenged and encouraged! Can’t recommend it enough!

Dagny L.

I feel encouraged and safe.

I started at Vinna almost a year ago to address a specific physical problem. I am not a gym person and because I’m in my 60s, I really didn’t think I would feel comfortable. To my surprise, I am loving working with excellent trainers who brought me to the point of not only overcoming the issue that brought me there, but also regaining strength, balance and flexibility that I had conceded to aging. I feel encouraged and safe. You don’t need to be athletic to be your physical best!!! It is a wonderful experience!

Chris N.

I totally value and appreciate my membership.

This is a great gym with exceptional service — the trainers (Lani in particular) are incredibly knowledgeable and design individual work out plans designed to give a full body and aerobic workout; because of their depth of knowledge about the skeletal and muscular parts of the body, they are able to tailor workouts to help strengthen problem areas such as knees and shoulders. I totally value and appreciate my membership here.

Mary L.

Be part of a community that strengthens and lifts you up.

After 1year + at Vinna Fitness, I am amazed at the changes in my strength level that I have achieved. In the past, going to the gym meant getting on equipment where I copied what I saw others do, or tried to remember what I did years ago, climbing on and pushing myself till I died or got bored, which ever came first. The one-on-one attention with the trainers at Vinna is not only realistic for my age and body type, but they work with me to know when and how to change things up so that I’m working all the different muscle groups equally, as well as challenging myself in increments that are moving me forward. I love that they emphasize being able to move well at any age, being strong in real life situations such as carrying luggage or being prepared to lift up grandkids. The Vinna atmosphere is so welcoming that everyone there seems like family and we cheer each other on, whether you just took your first rowing class or are training for the Tour de France. Whether you like the structure of a daily class or enjoy the challenge of personal achievement, Vinna is the type of gym that you can come and be part of a community that both strengthens you and lifts you up. It’s great!!

Ingrid L.

I’m in a better place physically and mentally.

I recently retired and I like the tailored program based on my ability and needs. The trainers have a great balance of helping me along to make sure I do the exercises correctly and helping the others there too. It is not “one on one personal training” but the benefits are the same as if it is. The exercises are for me and are changed and evolve periodically which keeps it interesting and is progressive. The size of the facility and staff are perfect for me. It is not a big Lifetime or YMCA. I find myself leaving each session at Vinna Fitness in a little better place physically and mentally.

Chas M.

There is no place that compares to Vinna.

I have been a customer for over 20 years. Lani is a true professional. She is very creative, in fact she figured out a way for me to overcome a serious freezing problem I had as a result of a late life diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Lani and [others at] Vinna have been very welcoming of me when I was younger and wanted to get in to shape to keep my disease progression slower. If you are looking for a great exercise experience there is no place that compares to Vinna. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Phil D.

The trainers at Vinna are excellent!

The trainers at Vinna are excellent and extremely knowledgeable about the body and how to train to resolve and prevent injuries. They work with each client to create an individualized plan, and update and adapt it as needed.

Heather M.

You will always leave better than you came in.

You will always leave better than you came in. Coaches are conscientious and dedicated professionals that are absolutely working for your progress.

James N.