Post-Rehab Personal Training

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  • Semi-Private Personal Training
    Build a community while training with up to four like-minded people.

It’s easy to take things like balance and pain-free movement for granted. If you’re living with a chronic condition, or you’ve suffered an injury, we’re here to help you rebuild your strength and regain your functional movement. Our goal is to help you leave discomfort behind once and for all, so you can start enjoying life again!

There are generally two reasons people enter our Post-Rehab Personal Training program. The first is to keep making progress after finishing post-injury or post-surgery physical therapy. The second is to work through a chronic condition.

Why Choose Vinna Fitness?

Our expert trainers have studied human biomechanics extensively, so we know how to achieve optimal movement patterns. We’ll teach you how to overcome your physical limitations by working with your strengths. This will be done through a series of corrective exercises and functional movements that will help you make progress towards your fitness goals by improving your form and increasing your range of movement. Our clients see improvements in:

  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Balance and strength
  • Range of motion
  • Functional movement patterns
  • Quality of life

We understand that your goals and your rehab requirements are as unique as you are. That’s why we provide personalized training programs with ongoing support from our personal trainers. It’s not just about functional movement training, corrective exercises, or strength and condition. It’s about the big picture.

When you sign up for our rehab personal training program, our team will conduct a Functional Movement Screening to assess your current fitness level, your limitations, and your objectives. We’ll check-in regularly to make sure you’re on track and that your plan is meeting your needs. That way, you’ll be able to re-develop a strong and balanced physique with functional and free movement.

What are the Benefits of Post-Rehab Personal Training?

Once you’ve finished physical therapy, and you’re ready to build strength and mobility, this is the program for you. It’s a highly individualized and corrective style of training that delivers long-term results. All you have to do is read our success stories to see that the outcomes speak for themselves.

This program is a great choice for you if:

  • You’ve completed physical therapy and want to continue to make progress
  • You want to maximize results by training smarter, not harder
  • Past injuries have caused dysfunctional movement patterns
  • You still experience nagging aches and pains

Do any of these sound familiar? If you’re ready to take action now, call our office on 952-426-3963 or contact us online to set up a free strategy session.

What is the Vinna Fitness Process for Rehab Personal Training?

Our step-by-step process is proven to get results. Check out our success stories!

Functional Movement Screening

A Functional Movement Screening is when we’ll analyze your abilities and limitations, to identify dysfunctional movement patterns and develop a strategy to help you work towards your goals. We’ll also talk through your health history in detail, so we can create a progressive post-rehab plan that will support your recovery and help you make lasting progress.

Choose Your Membership Option

We have three great membership packages designed to suit your schedule. Simply choose the one that best suits your needs, and start regaining your strength and mobility! Each package includes semi-private personal training. Learn more about our membership options here.

Schedule a Follow Up Appointment

Our membership options are designed to produce real and lasting results. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to benefit from the extensive education and training of our expert personal trainers, and make real progress towards regaining your functional movement. You’ll have quarterly check-ins to ensure your post-rehab training program is giving you the results you need, and that it’s progressing with you. We’ll talk you through all the details and make sure you’re performing each exercise correctly to deliver the best outcomes possible.

Attend Ongoing Training Sessions

Our programs are generally delivered in semi-private personal training sessions, but when you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, you may require more focused attention. Rehab is an ongoing process, and your needs may differ from other clients, so we’ll give you the one-on-one attention you need to successfully and safely put your program into practice.

Reassess as You Progress

Your first reassessment will be at the six-week mark, so we can see how well you’re progressing and make sure the training protocol is working as it should. While we’re here, we’ll make any necessary adjustments to help you get the best possible results. After that, we’ll move to quarterly reassessments. This way, your plan will evolve with you as your physical capacity expands.

Schedule a Free Strategy Session

Let’s talk about post-rehab personal training. Our expert trainers are ready to discuss your goals, and your needs, at a free 60-minute strategy session. You can get started today with zero risk, and the benefits don’t stop there. Call our team on 952-426-3963 or contact us online.