Movement Coaching & Training

Client works out with battle ropes.
  • Free 60-Minute Strategy Session
    Tell our FMS certified trainers about your goals and get a training plan.
  • Semi-Private Personal Training
    Build a community while training with up to four like-minded people.

There are many reasons people seek personal training. You might want to rehab an injury, improve your fitness, build strength, or learn about life-long wellness. Vinna Fitness offers personal training in the Twin Cities area. No matter your goals, we can help, with semi-private coaching sessions and a personalized training program.

Our primary objective is to improve your mobility. Our expert trainers focus on proper technique to ensure you achieve the best quality movement possible. Taking the time to learn proper form will ensure you achieve great results, avoiding injury and building good habits that will benefit you for many years to come.

Vinna Fitness is different from other gyms. We collaborate with medical professionals to get the best possible outcomes in the safest possible way. Our approach will teach your body how to move correctly, incorporating bodyweight, free weights, and other gym equipment as we go, to achieve ultimate freedom of movement.

Maximize Your Motivation

Our semi-private training sessions deliver impressive results. When you sign up with Vinna Fitness, you’ll train with up to three other people at a time. You’ll each work on your own fitness plan, with coaching from one of our certified trainers, who will correct your technique and modify your exercises as necessary.

These sessions are a key part of our philosophy when it comes to life-long fitness because they allow you to build a community and generate momentum that will carry you along as you achieve your goals.

Proven Path to Success

  1. Free 60-Minute Strategy Session
    How does your body feel? Will it let you do the things you love? If you’re looking to increase the quality of your movement, and change your life, we might be the right choice for you. Schedule a session and find out.
  2. Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
    During your first visit, your coach will review your health history and take you through a Functional Movement Screen. This is the first step in creating a personalized training plan to achieve your goals.
  3. Choose Your Membership Option
    When you decide to join the Vinna Fitness community, you can choose one of our three great membership packages. Each one is tailored to achieving different goals and fit around your lifestyle.
  4. Follow-Up Appointment
    Once you become a member, we’ll arrange a follow-up session to fully explain your program and ensure you know how to do each exercise correctly. We’ll also make sure you’re on track to achieve your fitness goals. 
  5. Ongoing Training Sessions
    Our semi-private training sessions are designed to work around your schedule. We can also arrange one-on-one sessions if you’re recovering from an injury, you’ve had an operation, or other special circumstances apply.
  6. Quarterly Reassessments
    Your first reassessment will be at the six-week mark, to review your personal training plan and make any adjustments you may need. After that, we’ll check-in quarterly. This ensures your plan evolves with you!
  7. Build Strength and Move Better
    Signing up with Vinna Fitness is making a choice to improve your life. Working with a personal trainer over time ensures you’re improving in a sustainable way, with all the support you need. Are you ready to get started?

Free Strategy Session

Sign up for a free 60-minute strategy session and feel the difference Vinna Fitness can make. You can call our office on 952-426-3963, or contact us online, to take the first step on your fitness journey.