What Vinna Fitness Membership Offers

Vinna Fitness member works with exercise bands

We’ve always been innovators in the fitness industry. Our personal training packages are designed to transform your life by helping you regain mobility, build strength, reduce your aches and pains, and increase function. We’ve been doing functional fitness training for more than 20 years and we know that what we do works.

The first step is to schedule an assessment and a Functional Movement Screen. Our trainers will assess your mobility and start developing a plan to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our new range of personal training packages use technology to ensure you’re always able to train, even if you can’t stop by the gym in person.

Our Personal Training Packages

Vinna Coaching

  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Personalized program design
  • 1 x or 2 x semi-private in-person or virtual coaching session(s) per week
  • Unlimited access to in-person classes, virtual classes, and recorded classes
  • Gym access and app access

Vinna on the Move

  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Personalized program design
  • Access individual programs with demo exercises on the days that best suit you
  • Upload photos and videos so our coaches can check your form and give feedback
  • Send questions or comments via the app

Our Group Fitness Classes

Our group classes are a great way to maximize your membership. Each 45 minute class, with typically 6 participants or less, is coached by a certified instructor to provide the best guidance in a safe and functional environment.

Total Body: Conditioning  

This workout primarily consists of interval training from moderate to high intensity.

Total Body: Rowing

You’ll work every major muscle group as you move between the rower and a mix of fun, yet challenging core and bodyweight exercises.

Total Body: Strength  

This full body workout includes a large variety of truly functional movements utilizing kettlebells, TRX, sandbags, and more.  

Total Body: Movement & Mobility  

This workout is focused on increasing your flexibility and mobility through a variety of floor movements and bodyweight exercise.  You’ll learn movement patterns to apply to your everyday life. 

Saturday Mix

The Saturday Mix workout is designed to hit all aspects of our training philosophy and utilize any combination of workout equipment.  It will be a fun and challenging workout!

Don’t Miss the New Vinna Fitness App!

Vinna on the Move

Our app allows easy and convenient training with demonstration videos from our coaches to ensure your form is always correct. Talk to us today about how it can benefit your training plan (especially if you can’t get to the gym in person).

FMS Certified Trainers

Our certified trainers conduct Functional Movement Screens (FMS) before developing a personalized training program for our new clients. This helps us assess your fitness and mobility so we can work with your strengths to improve your weaknesses. FMS includes seven functional movements, which help us figure out exactly how your body works and make recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

Each movement will be assessed as optimal, acceptable, or dysfunctional. Once this is done, we can target specific areas to help you start regaining mobility. This is an excellent tool to help us improve your quality of life through training.

The Vinna Fitness Difference

Becoming a member of Vinna Fitness is your opportunity to learn from the best in the business. Each of our elite coaches has an advanced education in topics such as physical therapy, athletic training, corrective exercise, strength and conditioning, and more. We take an individualized approach to fitness, and we are experts at helping people move better.

Still not sure? Our results speak for themselves.

Step 1: Start Your Program

Once you’ve completed your free strategy session and got the results of your Functional Movement Screen, it’s time to start your program. Our trainers will create fitness plan tailored to your fitness goals.

Step 2: Apply Advanced Training

Our highly educated trainers take a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving, combining degrees in a range of fields with continuing education and certifications. This ensures they’re always up to date with best practices and are able to address the unique needs of each client as you progress with your program.

Step 3: Notice Aches and Pains Disappear

Aches and pains shouldn’t stop you from doing the things you love. If they’re becoming too much, it’s time to start taking care of your body. This usually requires a combination of strength training, flexibility training, and general fitness, but you’ll be amazed at how good you feel as you progress.

Step 4: Start Regaining Your Mobility

Improving your mobility doesn’t happen overnight, but it will happen faster than you might expect once you start your weekly semi-private training sessions. Regain the functionality you need to start feeling strong and energized. You’ll be amazed at the difference mobility makes to your everyday life.

Step 5: Return to Doing What You Love

Once we’ve got a solid foundation of strength and mobility in place, we can talk about performance. What are your fitness goals? Golf? Hiking? Tennis? Hunting? Playing with your grandkids? You name it, we’ll here to help. Our mission is to help you live your best life and have the ability to do all the things you love.

Free Strategy Session

Sign up for a free 60-minute strategy session and try Vinna Fitness before you make a decision. Call our office on 952-426-3963, or contact us online, to start changing your life.