About Vinna Fitness

At Vinna Fitness, we aim to bring a higher standard of quality to Minnesota’s fitness industry. Our elite coaches work with you to understand your personal medical history and capabilities, and create an individualized plan to help you find success. Our goal is to help our clients find joy in movement so we can help you enjoy a better quality of life.

Our coaches have backgrounds in sports medicine and athletic training, and they all believe in the importance of ongoing education. They have additional certifications in many different specialty topics, but are most proud of our Functional Movement Screening (FMS) certification. This certification, we believe, is what places Vinna above the rest.

During your first strategy session, we’re able to put this screening to use allowing us to better understand your unique movement specifications and how they contribute to your everyday life. We then create a tailored and in-depth workout plan, putting a major focus on injury prevention, strength and proper movement.

Lani, Owner & Movement Coach

Our Mission

Vinna Fitness aims to help each individual find joy in movement so you can feel better and perform better. We firmly believe that success requires movement in any area of life, particularly when it comes to your health. For this reason, we continuously strive to empower our community to take control of their lives through consistent and efficient movement.

Our Core Values


We bring a sense of excitement and compassion to what we do because it’s important to us that you feel supported and motivated in your journey to better health. Success begins with genuine care and consistency.


Growth happens when we cultivate the strength to move. Move beyond old habits, past mental limitations, and into a new mindset. And most importantly: move our bodies consistently and efficiently.


We believe the best way to serve client needs is through setting clear intentions in themselves and in us. We strive to communicate effectively and, when needed, remind you of why you started. Your intentions guide your behaviors, decisions, and actions.


Anything is possible with a joint effort. We take on a team approach in everything we do because we know how important a support system can be in order to find true success in your health.

Our History

Jason Green, one of our coaches and owners, formed Corrective Exercise Specialists (CES) in 2001 with the purpose of coaching individuals in staying active, strong, and pain-free. He opened his first Executive Wellness Center in 2004, in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, using individualized fitness programs that combined rehabilitation and wellness services. For a decade, CES aided its clients in maintaining a comprehensive, multifaceted training regimen through utilizing advanced, cutting-edge rehabilitation and injury prevention treatments.

In 2014, CES decided to make a shift – or movement, if you will – and re-open our doors in a new location and under a new name: Vinna Fitness. While maintaining some previous practices, Vinna, to us, meant something more than just a gym or membership. Vinna created a fresh vision for our efforts, and with this new approach, we were able to take Minnesota’s fitness industry to a whole new level. Since then, we’ve continued to help individuals strengthen their bodies through healthy movement, feel better in their day-to-day lives and use our leading-edge rehabilitation and injury prevention treatments to provide a higher level of knowledge and expertise.

Vinna Fitness puts a major focus on shaping a community of inspiration and trust. We now offer semi-private training programs and small-group classes to ensure an intimate, hands-on approach with each and every client. It’s our goal to provide a healthy, happy and community-based environment for individuals to feel comfortable and motivated to take action on their health; this is the Vinna Fitness Way.

Let’s Get Moving

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